Frequently Asked Questions 

While we consistently achieve exceptional results with and for our clients, past results are not a guarantee of future outcomes for your business.

Yes. Our team physically write, wax seal and post on your behalf.

No. If we have created a bespoke design as part of a campaign, all branding is yours. Catalogue or membership cards mention the Send Handwritten website on the back panel.

Open rates are as good as birthday cards (90%+), response rates are typically 10-15%, appointment rates vary from 3% to 15%.

  1. A prospect who responds to the card and contacts you (the sender)
  2. A prospect who books an appointment or genuinely requests further information with an appointment setter.

Design and data approval phase – 90 minutes or less. Assuming 100 cards/month (excluding you nurturing prospects) – 90 minutes or less.

From campaign deposit paid to first postage date please allow 21-30 days for first postage. Timing is partly determined by how responsive you are to our requests for your branding guidelines, logos, other assets and approval of data we supply.

Our aim is to post within 2 business days however some orders (for example of new card design) may take up to 10 days for printing, writing, shipping and postage. Please order well ahead of time.

We get it, some messages need to be sent NOW. Please make a note in the ‘Special Instructions’ on your card order. If we cannot work the miracle you have requested, our production team will be in touch.

All images sourced, modified or created by SHW remain SHW property for use or reuse without permission.

This is at the discretion of the Creative Director.

SHW takes no responsibility for 3rd party performance esp during Covid. eg postage or courier service delays.

Yes. For larger campaigns.

First name, surname, address, company, role/position, phone, email & LinkedIn URL.  

A premium service, charged at an hourly rate to discover more difficult-to-find data points. eg turnover, memberships, interests, attitudinal qualities, age, marital status etc.

Our professional, English-first-language team call your prospects up to 3 times seeking to

1. Discover if your mail was received

2. Set an appointment for you where possible

3. Seek clarification and as best as possible qualify the prospect who requests further information. 

The process by which appointment setters call prospects to

1. Verify the address

2. Build rapport with and seek the assistance from gatekeepers.

3. Set expectations regarding a nurture call in a few weeks

Yes. You may send your preferred image with the following specifications.

Dimension: 1350×800 pixels
Width: 1350 pixels
Height: 800 pixels
Resolution 300 (for better quality)
File Size ( limit up to 6-7mb)


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