About You

Sending handwritten, beautiful and impactful messages is about you, your business and your clients. Of course we look forward to being of service and developing a long term mutually valuable relationship with your team. The first step though is for us to listen, to really understand the nuances and uniqueness of you, your business and the difference you seek to make. Only then is it about us and how we help you velcro your customers to you.

During the last 20 years, Greg founded and directed a multi million dollar experiential education business. Learning by doing, genuine connection and full immersion in the real (rather than online) world were key frameworks for helping others grow. Clients and partners included many of Australia’s top tier private schools, Outward Bound Australia (International), Michael Hill Jewellers, Guidelight Psychology, Townsville City Council and Port Lincoln City Council. Selling that business to a large organisation created space for the establishment of Masters of Client Retention and now Send Handwritten.

Almost an ‘empty nester’, Greg lives on the southern Gold Coast with his wife of 30 years. Apart from his wife, his passion is helping businesses maximize value for their clients. Greg knows that genuine connection and doing more with less in a chosen niche are keys to long term business vitality and worthwhile contribution.

Greg says, ‘Our clients consistently request tools and resources that help them find, nurture and convert customers from one stage of the sales process to the next. Send Handwritten is a powerful, engaging, tactile (physical world) answer to helping businesses stay genuinely connected

Andy lives on the Gold Coast with his partner and children and when not in front of the easel or sketch book you will find him in the surf or the gym. This is a guy who loves the beachside and healthy life. Andy has illustrated 8 children’s books including “Mountain Secret.” ,“Have you seen my Chook?” and “The stolen tea tray.” He has sold and exhibited art across the globe for over 20 years.

Andy has branded and product designed for The Marriott Hotel Group, Sun City and Fijian Island Resorts, Queensland Tourist Parks, Synergy Apartments, REMAX, KPMG, a range of labels for Select Wines, boutique fashion brands and sporting franchises. He has a select group of A, B and C grade celebrities around the world regularly commission his work…. (but that’s a secret).

Andy says, ‘I live for creating each and every day… a new series of work, new art, new styles, concepts and ideas… a day without creating is a day left incomplete. My greatest passion is connecting people with each other using exceptional and engaging imagery and imagination. I love the way art can integrate with both people and business to tell a story and to enhance relationships.