About You

We see you.

We appreciate you and the impact you seek to make.

We help secure meetings with difficult to access decision makers and ensure prospects & current clients are stuck to you.

We know you spend a fortune each month on digital marketing and often, nothing happens.

We help you cut through with unrivalled design and messaging that succinctly express ‘you’.

When an accountant-client secured $1.4 million of lifetime customer value from just 200 cards he was forced to grow his team and business.

What would that type of growth mean for you, your family and your dreams?

Members of our ‘tribe’ are open to exploring powerful ‘outta the box’ ways to combine social media, handwritten and personalised messaging

Perhaps we are a good match?

Greg About You page pic.

SHW Founder and CEO
Greg Smith

In 1992 I stood in a 3000 acre cow paddock and imagined a multi-million dollar outdoor-education centre impacting the lives of 1000’s of young adults each year. 20 years later, having realised the dream, I sold the business, worked for the purchasers and was horrified to watch that enterprise wither and finally cease at their hands.

While otherwise brilliant, their blind spot was customer experience. And so..

The Masters of Client Retention consultancy was born to answer one question. ‘How do you ‘velcro’ your existing clients to you?’ My early clients soon asked for the most cost effective, easy to understand, simple to implement and impactful tool I had, that could also be applied to lead generation.

Over numerous iterations, deep research, experimentation, expense and a personalise realisation that I was bored being processed and transacted rather than connected with and appreciated…….handwritten, personalised, exquisitely designed and wax sealed messaging that is now Send Handwritten was launched.

The intent, the essence of this business is to provide a vehicle for authentic, meaningful, appreciative and delightful human connection. Goodness knows it may be the one thing that enhances the long term health of our planet.

I thrive in Australia on the Gold Coast with my wife of 30 years (and my ‘boomerang’ young adult children).

Andy about you page pic

SHW Creative Director
Andy Baker

It began getting caught drawing cartoons under school desks, which turned into selling art around the world and onto illustrating and writing children’s books. There has always been a deep love for all things creative inside me.

But survival in any creative space calls for some business acumen and marketing skill.

So began my attention to detail obsession and a want of understanding people like few others. I believe imaginative thinking and innovative ideas can bring solutions to complex business problems.

SHW clients tend to describe Andy as an uber-clever creative who does much more than just schmick up your campaigns he obsesses about engagement and strategy.

My secret… PLENTY of coffee and cross-fit.

Our SHW vision is all about real people making real connections to bring about real outcomes.

Dad… creator… storyteller… artist…ocean lover.