Steve Dart
Business Development Specialist

Why do I love my Mum…because she loved me first.

Feeling the gift of love and appreciation at an early age made me think that all my life I wanted to show up in life as a person that would have the emotional skills that are integral to life (and business). Gratitude, Self Awareness, Accountability, Optimism, Empathy, Kindness and Love, Tenacity, Curiosity, Patience. Conviction, Humility, Ambition and Good old hard work.

Hi, I’m Steve Dart. Business Development Human for Send handwritten.

I’ve been extremely lucky to have travelled to some of the most spectacular places on Earth, working, travelling, surfing..with a bit of Snowsports in there as well. My customer experience journey began as a Level 2 Snowboard Instructor - providing the ultimate mountain experience - working at Whistler Blackcomb Mountain Resort in British Columbia Canada - North America’s Largest Ski, Snowboard and Mountain Bike Destination.

Arriving back in Australia, to take on the position of Customer Marketing Manager for the global energy drink juggernaut Red Bull Energy Drink.

I then honed my Direct Response Marketing skills at the Institute of WOW with the Ultimate Direct Response Marketing program led by Marketing legend John Dwyer. I’ve written customer experience BluePrints for the Hard Rock Cafe International Gold Coast Australia and a LinkedIn Skills Coach at Prominence Global - One of the worlds leading LinkedIn agencies.

Keeping me fit and healthy is my involvement with Isagenix International, providing me with The Art of Wellbeing.
And here I am today, Delivering Memorable Client Experiences at Send Handwritten. The world's greatest lead generation and client retention/referral systems.

With the amazing Greg Smith author of being a 6-star business, Andy Baker Creative Director and well known international artist, and the entire SHW family. I’m looking forward to meeting you now…