Rhoda Espiritu
Production Team Leader

The Domestic Goddess is what my friends and family love to call me and indeed I think I am. Something always draws me to wanting to manage the smallest details and making sure everyone is happy.

And I believe that’s what drew me to my role at Send Handwritten. Nothing has given me a greater purpose in life than “mothering” the offshore production team. I love ensuring that timelines are followed, needs are met, that a sense of connection with each member of the team is maintained and that in my own little ways I make the Send handwritten world a better place for everyone in it.

My motto? Mom up! Yes, you read that right. Mom up not man up because that’s when shit gets done! And oh, by the way, let me share you a little secret…even though I got a servant’s heart, I definitely know how to spoil myself because I’m a certified shopaholic 😉