Humpty Dumpty and the speed of trust.

The humble egg is designed to protect a budding new life. It is simultaneously brittle and exceptionally strong.

The phenomenon of trust is similar. Every healthy relationship is based on trust. It can be mightily robust but when trust is broken, when the egg is dropped, even all the king’s horseman and all the king’s men cannot put the egg back together again.

Stephen Covey asserted that trust is THE one thing that changes everything.

Countries distrust each other yet we purchase based on the online reviews of strangers. Curious.

I trust my doctor, dentist, the bridge engineer and pilot. I believe my clients will pay, suppliers will deliver and team members will be productive. Trust builds loyalty that strengthens relationships. Maximising lifetime customer value is dependent on trusting and being trustworthy.

What have been your Humpty Dumpty moments in business? What can we do as entrepreneurs to increase the speed and strength of trust? Do we even need to improve trust?

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