Client Retention

Client Retention Solution

After Sales Loyalty Building

Special Promotions and Referrals

Enhanced Customer Experience & Client Retention

Lost Sheep – Bring Past Clients Back

Would your clients agree that you provide exceptional customer experiences?


of companies believe they deliver “superior” customer service

but only


of customers think these same companies deliver “superior” customer service

Exceptional client retention strategies value the relationship with your clients. It’s personal when clients know they matter and that you care. Genuine, unexpected connection powerfully influences your client’s purchasing decisions. Providing a product or service is no longer enough. Great businesses not only provide quality solutions, they simultaneously create phenomenal customer experiences.

Done for you, personalised and out of the blue greeting cards delight, deliver an exceptional experience, create loyalty and encourage repeat business. All for less than the cost of good quality Hallmark card.

Consider cards that say ‘welcome’, ‘congratulations’, ‘save the date’, renewal reminders or business anniversaries, birthday cards or wedding anniversaries.

After Sales Loyalty Building

Quarantine your business from buyer’s remorse forever. Follow a sale with an unexpected hand written note of appreciation. Create a memory & make a friendly personal impression.

Special Promotions and Referrals.

‘Wow’ your customers so they never defect. Launch special promotions, openings,
celebrations or encourage referrals. Insert tickets, high perceived-value vouchers and gifts. The intent is to maximise response rates and ensure win win win.

Enhanced Customer Experience & Client Retention

Maximise the lifetime value of each client. Magnify your genuine interest in the relationship. Think birthdays, annual reviews, thank you notes, invitations, celebrations, reminders, Christmas, anniversary or other special occasion cards. In essence – appreciate your client.

Lost Sheep – Bring Past Clients Back

Clients become ‘lost’ for 3 main reasons. 20% are lost due to circumstances out of your control (competition, changed circumstances or needs). A further 15% are lost due to operational focus at the expense of client needs and finally 65% are lost due to perceived indifference. Re-engage, invite and remind those who wandered away that your intent is to add massive value in fresh, dynamic ways.

Case Study

“EVERY week we had new customers”

It is without a doubt that hand written cards are the absolute most effective and powerful marketing and retention tool I have used in my 24 years in business.

As the Former Head Coach of the National College of Business and Franchisor of one of Australia’s largest gym networks, we used hand written “happy cards”. It may have been words of inspiration, encouragement, acknowledgement, thanks or even a ”Hey we miss you!”

Kylie Courtie
Founder, Fitness Matters Franchising Former Head Coach of the National College of Business

We knew that we had a 100% open rate because our cards were sent in a coloured envelope that was also handwritten and DECORATED (definitely NOT a BILL). The feedback we received was INCREDIBLE!!

Simple steps to get started

Simple steps to get started

Your card will be designed to create maximum impact

Client Retention Package

Package inclusions

Your package includes:

  • Personal Account Manager
  • Personalised and strategically designed greeting cards 127mm x 171mm, 300gsm high gloss front panel imagery (You supply or choose from our catalogue).
  • Up to 50 genuinely hand-written words supplied by you.
  • Signed with your handwritten contact details, email, and phone number.
  • Hand drawn emoji. To keep your note personal.
  • Rear panel branding with business value proposition, compelling offer and website details.
  • Rear panel personalisation – sender photo and name and contact details.
  • Custom designed branded envelope with hand written recipient details.
  • Australian postage stamps.
  • Return to sender label on rear of envelope.

Offer 1

Free: Royal red wax seal (unbranded)
For all greeting card orders placed placed within 24 hours of strategy session. (value $1.37/card)

Offer 2

Free: Embossed wax seal with your logo valued at $250 For all greeting card orders over 500 cards

Offer 3

Free: : Graphic artistry by Creative Director valued at $550
Custom designed front panel imagery (including brand adaptation if required)
– For all greeting card orders over 1000 cards

Delivery Options:

Single Batch Campaign.

Perfect for Christmas cards, invitations, celebrations, thank yous, new branch opening
or welcome cards.

  • All cards are printed identically in one print run (batch).
  • Handwritten message may be modified for each 50 cards.
  • Cards are posted simultaneously in one batch or posted in sub-batches. (For example 50 cards posted simultaneously on a specific date or a batch of 150 cards posted at say 50 cards per month for three months).
  • Maximum batch duration – 4 months. Minimum monthly delivery – 25 cards.

Monthly Recurring Campaign.

Perfect for birthdays, anniversary of doing business, wedding anniversary, annual renewal.

  • Commit to 6 months, receive 7th month FREE.
  • Payment of month one up front and month 6 deposit initiates the campaign. Payments remain one month in advance.
  • Handwritten message may be modified for each 50 cards.
  • There is no limit to the number of ‘6 month, receive 7th month FREE’ campaigns that you can run either sequentially or simultaneously.

Optional extras

  • Royal Red wax seal unbranded – $1.37 each.
  • Royal Red wax seal with embossed logo – $250
  • Graphic artistry by Creative Director – custom designed front panel imagery (including brand adaptation if required) – $550
  • Up to 60 words of handwritten copy
  • Optional inside left panel printing
  • Individualised message (price on application)
  • Artistic envelope

Next Steps

We aim to keep it simple. At your FREE Strategy Session we discuss the impact you seek to make on your clients and determine the best strategy for YOUR business.

Pay your deposit and we get cracking with the creative process until you sign off. We then print your cards and envelopes, write your cards & envelopes, wax seal, stamp and ship for you into the local postal system. We do all the work. You focus on maximising the lifetime value of your clients and growing your business.